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Control Systems & Services

The benefits of a building automation system are many, from lowering utility costs, maintaining measured comfort to reducing maintenance costs and interruptions to name a few. Installation of a building automation system is a great investment.  It is shown that integrated systems have a low life cycle cost.  Integrated systems reduce the number of networks needed.  Duplicated effort is eliminated as project coordination, training and documentation is provided by a single source. Primary Systems, installs proven and reliable systems no matter the scale of the project.  These systems protect a client’s investment over the years and are scalable as well as flexible, giving you peace of mind as your organization grows.

It is stated that installation of a Building Automation System saves on average 15% of the operating costs of the equipment.  For most buildings this results in savings that range from $0.20 to $0.40/square foot. For most systems, typical payback is two to three years.

With our electrical, engineering, programming and technical abilities, Primary Systems, is able to provide you with complete turnkey EMS/BAS/DDC solutions.  From engineering through commissioning, you can have peace of mind that all labor is performed by our own employees, emphasizing on accountability and excellence.  Our experienced project management team is your single point of contact for everything project related.

Featured controls lines include products from manufacturers such as Tridium Niagara, Honeywell, Lynxspring, Contemporary Controls and others.

Tridium Niagara Systems from both Honeywell and Lynxspring

            Niagara AX

            Niagara N4

Honeywell BACnet and Lonworks protocol controllers







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